Precision Farming

Precision Farming can help you meet large demands of your farm through the use of technology. You have the control from the tip of your fingers.

You can enhance your farming efficiency and improve your everyday planning, decision making, and strategy. With precision farming solutions, you can tailor your resources to suit your needs and overall improve yields, accuracy and increase productivity. We teamed up with Case IH and New Holland to deliver you exceptional farming solutions through their equipment.

Benefits of using New Holland Precision Farming:

  • Select from a wide range of correction signal options to match the accuracy that best suits your needs
  • Stay connected with your machines and receive real-time information using PLM™ Connect telematics
  • Find a complete range of farming solutions that help analyze data more efficiently with the new advanced PLM™ Software.
  • Eliminate overlap, increase yield potential and reduce waste with IntelliRate™ variable rate and section control.
  • And more!

Benefits of using Case IH Precision Farming:

  • AFS can interface with your existing equipment
  • 24/7 training resources and certified AFS specialists, and support center available to help you work using AFS Connect, and AFS Connect Software.
  • When you use an AFS Pro display you get a wealth of functionality to all your agriculture equipment, like combines, cotton picker, hay & forage, planting, seeding, sprayers, sugarcane harvesters, tillage, and tractors.
  • Factory-installed AFS AccuGuide auto-guidance system gives advanced operation and control to your equipment, reducing skips and overlaps, saving you fuel and labor costs.
  • And more!

Get ready to improve profit and save time, and money as you work comfortably and surely, getting more out of every season.
Why wait? The benefits are there.