Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 S

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It takes more than raw performance to dominate any terrain, you also need a vehicle that is tough as nails and resolute in the worst conditions. For this reason, the entire chassis of the Scrambler XP® 1000 S is new and designed to work in harmony with the bold performance attributes of the vehicle. We then complimented this uncompromising design with resilient components giving you the confidence to lead the pack and charge headlong over any terrain.

All-New Platform

Polaris engineers developed an entirely new chassis – one that’s bigger, bolder, and stronger than ever before. With 31% larger main-frame tubing, it was designed to be abused, stomped on, and beaten through the worst terrain and never give in.

RZR S Front Differential

To get the toughest performance-focused design for our all-new Scrambler XP 1000 S, we needed to go to the one of most dominating, race-proven side-by-sides in the world - the RZR XP1000. We utilized the front differential and half-shafts and brought a 15% increase in component strength, delivering rugged dependability with unquestioned confidence.

Stronger Transmission

Some ATVs look tough, be we knew the new Scrambler XP 1000 S had to deliver which is why we completely redesigned the transmission with 25% stronger components to work in harmony with the increase in travel, ground clearance and larger tires.


In the real world, success isn’t graded on a curve. Here, where the terrain is unforgiving no one gets a free pass and failure isn’t an option. The all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S is designed to excel where others dare not tread. Armed with an arsenal of never-before-seen factory equipped performance attributes, it redefines a performance quad in ways never thought possible, resulting in a level of confidence and extreme performance beyond limits.

Industry’s First 55-inch Stance

If you want to shatter the status quo you need do the unthinkable. Introducing the world’s first 55” wide-stance performance ATV. Delivering a new level of stability and performance never thought possible for an ATV. Crawl your way through jagged rocks, navigate deep rutted trails, and straighten a twisted wooded path with uncanny accuracy.

Aggressive 27" Tires

The impressive wide-stance of the all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S is enhanced with front-to-rear matched 27” Duro Powergrip II tires. Mounted on new 12” rims, the larger sidewall allows the tires to conform to terrain and deliver optimum feedback to the driver, while the matched size provides perfect balance. The rugged construction resists punctures and a unique tread pattern is engineered for maximum grip in varied terrain.

Towering 14.5" Clearance

The world knows no limits when it comes to terrain, which is why we rose above the expected and developed an ATV delivering a terrain shattering 14.5” of ground clearance. Combined with the wide, stable stance and long-travel suspension, little can stand in the way between you and destinations unknown.


Unshackle yourself from conventional thinking and experience control without sacrifice. The all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S delivers a series of industry-first designs including a new long-travel suspension system that crushes terrain with uncanny smoothness.

14" of Long Travel

Our engineers have completely abolished conventional thinking when it comes to performance ATV suspension design. Through advanced geometry the negatives of wheel scrub, the unwanted trait of the wheels moving outward while traveling through the suspension stroke, have been erased. The end result is a 12.5" of front traveland 14" of rear travel, with a level of control never before experienced in an ATV.

Walker Evans® 3 Way Adjustable Shocks

Anyone can talk about big suspension travel numbers, but all that movement is worthless without control, which is why we outfitted the new Scrambler XP® 1000 S with premium Walker Evans® 3 Way Adjustable Shocks. No other ATV in the industry offers a suspension package with this level of premium control including dual coil springs, high and low speed compression control and rebound adjustment.

Bumpsteer Elimination

The all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S virtually eliminates bumpsteer through an exclusive ProSteer steering design for a level of fluid precision that is destined to turn the industry on its ear.


With the all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S, how the driver interacts with the machine was given top priority resulting in a cockpit that seamlessly blends the driver with vehicle for a level of a level of effortless control that is completely intuitive while still retaining a performance edge.

The Perfect Fit

The standard adjustable 3-inch riser block and custom performance-bend handlebars provide optimum high-energy, rider-active control.

Performance & Standard Throttle Mode

With a push of button, choose from raw and unbridled fury that will make your forearms ache; or a smooth yet unrelenting charge to tackle terrain.

Pro-Armor Light Bar

Push beyond sunset with blistering, white-hot lighting courtesy of a fully-integrated 11-inch ProArmor lightbar. The broad pure-white projects far down the trails for confidence in any condition.


 Engine & Drivetrain
 Active Descent Control Standard
 Cooling  Liquid
 Cylinders Displacement  2 / 952cc
 Drive System Type  On-Demand True AWD/2WD
 Engine Braking System (EBS)  Standard
 Engine Type  ProStar SOHC 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder
 Fuel System/Battery  Electronic Fuel Injection
 Horsepower  89 HP
 Transmission/Final Drive  Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H; Shaft Drive
 Bed Box Dimensions (L x W x H) N/A 
 Dry Weight 970 lb (440 kg)
 Front/Rear Rack  200 lb / 300 lb (91 kg / 136 kg)
 Fuel Capacity  5.25 gal (19.9 L)
 Ground Clearance  14.5 in (36.8 cm)
 Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H)  82.5 x 55 x 49.5 in (209.5 x 140 x 125.7 cm)
 Payload Capacity  715 lbs (324 kg) (includes operator, cargo and accessories)
 Person Capacity  1
 Seat Height  37 in (94 cm)
Wheelbase 56.8 in (144.27 cm)
Front/Rear Brakes   Single Lever 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Hydraulic Rear Foot Brake
 Parking Brake  Park In-Transmission / Lockable Hand Lever
 Additional Specifications
 Cargo System Lock & Ride, 1 Gal (4 L) Rear Storage 
 Front Suspension  Sealed High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm 12.5 in (29.2 cm) Travel
 Hitch Towing Rating 1,750 lb (794 kg)
 Hitch Type  Standard 2 in (5 cm) Receiver
 Instrumentation  All Digital Gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Two Tripmeters, Hour Meter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Volt Meter, Coolant Temperature, Hi-Temp Light, Clock, DC Outlet
 Lighting  Halogen Triple 50W High Beams Dual 50w Low Beam Headlight Triple LED Brakelights/Taillights
 Other Standard Features  Front Bumper + 3,500 lb. Winch, Cut & Sew Seat
 Rear Suspension Sealed Dual A-Arms Rolled IRS, 14 in (35.6 cm) Travel
Tires / Wheels 
 Electronic Power Steering Standard 
 Front Tires  27 x 9 Duro PowerGrip II
 Rear Tires  27 x 9 Duro PowerGrip II
 Wheels  12 in Aluminum