New Holland T4 Electric Power

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The New Holland T4 Electric Power tractor combines powerful, emission-free clean energy with cutting-edge autonomous technology – the first in the tractor industry. By harnessing the energy of electricity with the characteristic torque of electric motors, you get impressive, clean power with less maintenance, higher uptime, and greater savings without the need for fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), or engine filters and oil. For maximum productivity and safety, the tractor offers optimal in-cab ergonomics, proven driveline components, and a robust factory-installed loader with cutting-edge autonomous features provided by the revolutionary Smart Roof. As a result, the T4 Electric Power tractor can do everything that an equivalent diesel tractor can do, and more, with up to a 56% savings in operating costs and improvements in operational efficiency and overall safety.


Enhance your operation's performance in daily tasks with the T4 Electric Power tractor. Its powerful and proven electric motor performs at 94% efficiency, offering 65 PTO horsepower (48 kW). The fully integrated battery pack offers an impressive 110 kWh maximum energy storage capacity. The tractor utilizes its energy more efficiently to provide the runtime you expect, while continuous torque is achieved at the lowest speeds to considerably reduce the need to change gears. Additionally, impressive acceleration and fast response provide an enhanced user experience and better drivability. Ideal for loader work, the proven 12x12 transmission has been upgraded with an electronic, clutch-less power shuttle to speed up directional changes. You also get proven features like the ergonomic Command Arc in-cab console, and the robust 725LU front loader found on New Holland's renowned PowerStar™ tractors.

You face challenges every day, from labor shortages and lack of skilled labor, to increased costs associated with hiring and inputs. The New Holland T4 Electric Power tractor offers smart, innovative automated functions to help you overcome these challenges and improve daily operations with Precision Solutions & Telematics (PS&T), diagnostics, service, and safety. Driver-assisted features, including Follow Me Mode, the Invisible Bucket, and 360o Awareness, are complemented by other fully digital and connected functions, making this tractor a world first. Ready to revolutionize your farming experience?

This isn’t your grandfather’s tractor, or is it? When you put the T4 Electric Power to work, standard features such as 4-wheel drive, a top speed of 25 mph (40 kph), and all the power outputs of a diesel tractor, including a two-speed rear PTO, drawbar, 3-point hitch, multiple rear remotes, and mid-mount valves, will have you questioning why you didn’t go electric sooner. On top of that, Exportable Power gives you convenient 110/220V electrical outlets to support power needs wherever and whenever.

You're looking at the new style of sustainability. After all, a tractor as different as the T4 Electric Power requires styling to match. The new Clean Blue paint scheme denotes a tractor that's powered by an alternative fuel source. First debuted on the T7 Methane Power LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) tractor, this head-turning shade of blue complements the CNH grey decals, while an all-new hood design sports powerful LED headlights with illuminated accents.


Model T4 Electric Power
Architecture voltage (V) 400
Max energy storage capacity (kW) 110
Net energy available for use (kW) 95
Rated power HP (kW)  74 (55)
PTO HP (kW) 65 (48)
Charging System  
Plug compatibility J1772 (AC) / CCS/SAE (DC) / Tesla (compatible with external adapter)
Charging inlet plug CCS Type 1 (Combo AC/DC)
AC charging capacity Up to 19 kW
DC charging capacity Up to 120 kW
Entry-level AC Charger* Optional
Standard AC Charger* Optional
Economy Fast DC* Optional
Exportable Power  
Voltage (V (Hz)) 110 / 220 (60)
Max power output (kW (V)) 1.8  (110) / 5.8 (220)
Current (A (V)) 15 (110) / 25 (220)
PTO 540 / 540E
Engagement Electrohydraulic
3-Point Hitch  
Rear lift capacity @ 24'' (lbs. (kg)) 4564 (2070)
Category I & II
Draft Control Mechanical
Lift-O-Matic™ PLUS Standard
Circuit type Open center
Implement pump flow (gpm (Lpm)) 12.9 (48)
Steering pump flow (gpm (Lpm)) 9.5 (36)
Total hydraulic pump flow (gpm (Lpm)) 22.4 (84)
Rear Remotes 3 + diverter
Front Axle  
Type 4WD
Differential lock  Limited Slip
Class Class 1 HD
12x12 with electronic power shuttle Standard
Speed (min - max) (mph (kph)) 0.2 (0.3) - 25 (40)
Model 725LU mechanical self-leveling
Max height (in. (mm)) 125.9 (3200)
Max capacity (lbs. (kg)) 2645.5 (1200)
Bucket width (in. (mm))  84 (2133.6)
Front 380/70R20
Rear 480/70R30
Dimensions & Weights  
Wheelbase (in. (mm)) 83.9 (2132)
Total length (with loader & bucket) (in. (mm)) 212.6 (5400)
Height (in. (mm)) 110.0 (2800)
Overall width (min - max) (in. (mm)) 82 (2100) - 94.5 (2400)
Ground clearance (in. (mm)) 13.9 (355)
Shipping weight (with loader, bucket, & ballast)** (lbs. kg)) 10,802 (4900)