Land Pride SB1574

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Quality Comer Gearbox Provides long life, durability construction.
Greasable bearings Less drag and extends life of unit.
Adjustable 3-point hitch Operator may set the distance between tractor and Snow Blower to his/her preference.
Quick Hitch compatible Makes for faster and easier hook-up to tractor.
Large main housing Ability to handle large drifts.
Large impeller diameter The ability to move and throw material farther.
Guarded discharge chute Guards against operator putting his or her hands into the impeller.
Bolt-on reversible lower wear
Protects against wear on the auger housing and improves service life of the Snow Blower.
The optional hardened steel wear bar last longer.
Gear driven chute rotator Allows choice of three rotator options: manual drive, electric actuator, or hydraulic motor.
Shearbolt protected impeller and auger Eliminates costly repairs.
Three skid shoe options Multiple surfaces allows you to pick the correct skid shoe for your application.


Model No. SB1574
Working Width 74"
Overall Width 75 3/4"
Weight without options 640 lbs.
Tractor Horsepower 30-59 HP
3-Point Hitch & Category Adjustable Cat. I
Quick Hitch Compatible Yes
Main Housing Material 12 gauge
Side Plate Material 3/16"
Chute Opening At Base 10"
Impeller Diameter 24"
Impeller Housing Depth 8"
Number of Impeller Blades 4
Auger Diameter 16"
Number of Auger Paddles 4
Gearbox Oil Capacity & Type 2.54 Pints of SAE 90W Gearlube
Drive Chain #60 RC
Driveline Category Cat. lll, Shearbolt protected
Driveline Shearbolt M8 x 50 C1.6.6
Drive Shaft Shearbolt 1/4" -20 Grade 5 bolt
Optional Equipment
Lower Wear Bar Construction Bolt-on, reversible, and replaceable full length lower wear bar
Two options available: Hardened steel wear bar option or steel wear bar option
Weight 16 lbs.
Outer Skid Shoe & Weight
Outer Wear Bar & Weight
Inner Skid Shoe & Weight
Bolt-on, adjustable & replaceable (8 lbs)
Bolt-on, adjustable & replaceable (14 lbs)
In-board mounted on the rear, adjustable and replaceable (19 lbs)
Chute Rotation & Weight Manual
Gear & worm drive (10 lbs.)
Gear drive (20 lbs.)
Gear drive (12 lbs)
Deflector & Weight Manual
Locking bar (2 lbs.)
Electric Actuator (25 lbs.)
Hydraulic cylinder (32 lbs.)