Land Pride SC7072

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Case drain (optional) Protects hydraulic motor and seals.
Front and rear chain guards Chain guards on the front and rear of deck. Reduces flying debris.
Replaceable skid shoes Protect side plate structure. Shoes are replaceable for convenience.
3/4" x 7-1/2" free-swinging blades Free-swinging blades protect from obstructions.
7" cutting capacity Easily cuts brushy areas & trees up to 7" in diameter
Carbide teeth (standard) Grind down tree stumps
Push Bar Pushes cut trees away from the operator cab.
Motor pressure gauge (optional) Allows the operator to slow down to prevent stalling.
Bi-Folding door Door will fold open when cutting heavy brush and trees. Covers the cutting chamber when not cutting in heavy brush.
Height adjustment safety chain Provides additional operator protection from flying objects by allowing the Skid Cutter to only be lifted up to 18".
1/4" thick deck Heavy deck design holds up to harsh conditions.
Heavy blade carrier Provides inertia & strength for cuting trees and grinding stumps.
Surpassed rugged industry standards All Kubota Cutters have been designed and tested to meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures according to ISO 4254-13.
Polycarbonate door (optional) Protects operator from thrown objects.
1/4" side panels Reduces debris piercing possibilities. Can be replaced if damaged.
Beveled skid shoes on wings Reduces gouging the ground when turning.


Model Number SC7072
Cutter weight with skid shoes 2580lbs.
Hitch Welded on
Cutting width 73-1/2"
Overall width 84-3/8"
Overall length 92-1/4"
Cutting height 1 1/2" to 18" infinitely variable.
Cutting capacity 7" Diameter
Spindle hub oil capacity 85 oz.
Spindle hub oil EP 80-90 wt. gearlube
High volume drive motor 26-43 gpm flow
Hydraulic pressure Up to 3500 psi.
Deck thickness 1/4"
Side skirt construction 1/4" Steel
Deck wear protection Four, corner-mounted skid shoes
Skid shoe construction 3/8" plate
Blade Carrier (2) Round 1/2" plate weldments
Blade size 3/4" double edge
Blade rotation Clockwise
Blade bolt 3/4-10 Grade 8
blade tip speed 11,870 fpm at 43 gpm
Front deck protection Bi-fold door with single row chain guard
Rear deck protection Single row chain guard
Deck lift height protection Height adjustment safety chain
Mulching teeth 3/4" SQ carbide