VT 180/1100 Series

KUHN Knight VT 180 & VT 1100 twin-auger Vertical Maxx® mixers are ideal for large dairy and beef producers who want to place quality rations in front of their animals. The VT models are rugged, dependable, large-capacity mixers designed for moderate-use cycles of around 4 to 5 hours per day.

These mixers feature a proven mixer tub and auger design, ensuring a quality mix is delivered, every load. The VT 180 and VT 1100 mixers are a great choice for operations looking to minimize feeding time and are competitively priced for moderate feeding situations. Multiple door location options for all models offer versatility for different feeding situations and provide fast, consistent discharge. The VT Series mixers are available with a single- or tandem-axle trailer, as well as a truck mount option, to match each customer’s specific needs.