Kuhn VSA 360 H

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Quick and Accurate Adjustments

Movable Stop and Graduated Adjustment Plate

The application rate is easily adjustable thanks to a movable stop and a precisely graduated adjustment plate. A lever controls the outlet opening and closing as necessary. If needed, application can be set only to the right or the left side.

Stainless Steel Outlets

Stainless-steel outlets provide long life even in difficult conditions. The easy adjustments of the outlet opening allow quick adaptation to spread different products.


An agitator stirs the product and provides regular flow to the outlets in non-free flowing materials.

Controlled Distribution

Adjustable Deflectors

Adjustable stainless-steel deflectors provide a wide range of application widths and can be removed without tools.

Hopper Walls

The hopper walls have steep angles to create an even flow and reduce the likelihood of material buildup.

Versatile and Simple

Quick Maintenance

Only a few minutes are needed to take apart the main components of the VSA making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The gearbox never requires maintenance.


Model VSA 360 H
Spreading width 2'11" - 29'6" (0.88 - 9.00 m)
Hopper capacity 11/9
Maximum gross payload, approx. 1,100 lbs (500 kg)
Hopper opening width 4" (1.22 cm)
Hitch 3-point, Cat. 1
Hopper sieve Standard
Hydraulic drive (requires 5 to 10 GPM) Standard
Sand/salt agitator Standard
Machine net weight 254 lbs (115 kg)