Kuhn 4000-25N

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Consistent Depth Across the Width of the Machine

Positive Mechanical Depth Control
Standard on all KUHN Krause 4000 flex-wing chisel plows to ensure even operating depth across the width of the machine.

Shank Options

•Low-cost reliability
•Non-rock conditions

•Shear-bolt protected
•Retains shank after shear-bolt trip

Spring Reset
•600-pound point load
•9” trip height

Point Options

2” Reversible, Straight Point
•Excellent soil penetration
•Cuts compaction

3” Twisted Shovel
•Good soil penetration
•Residue mixing action
•Good soil penetration
•Residue mixing action

Double K™ 2” Reversible Cast Chromium-Carbide Chisel Point
•Good soil penetration
•Residue mixing action


Model 4000-25N
Transport Width (ft/m) 12'9" / 3.9
Transport Height (ft/m) 13'6" / 4.1
Frame Type 3-Section
Number of Shanks 25
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 12 / 30.5
Approximate Working Width at Shanks (ft/m) 25 / 7.6
Approximate Weight (lb/kg) 6,447 / 2 924
Hitch Type CAT IV Cast for 2" Pin
Positive Mechanical Depth Control Each Section Center Section: Two 4" x 8" Cylinders Each Wing Section: One 3-3/4" x 8" Cylinder
Hydraulics Royal Plate Plus® Cylinder Rods, Color Coded Hose Grips, Male ISO Couplers on Hydraulic Hoses
Wing Fold Two 4-1/2" x 16" Cylinders
Rigid Clamp Shanks 10" Maximum Working Depth, 30" Underframe Clearance, 1-1/4" x 2" x 30" Shanks
Center Section Wheels Four 240/80R15 Tires, Dual Walking Beams, 6-Bolt Heavy-Duty Hubs
Wing Frame Wheels Two 240/80R15 Tires, Walking Beam per Wing, 6-Bolt Heavy-Duty Hubs
Gauge Wheels Not Applicable
Points 2" Reversible Straight Steel Chisel Point
Safety Tongue Jack, Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, High Visibility LED Transport Light Kit, Safety Chain
Shanks 10" Maximum Working Depth, 30" Underframe Clearance 1-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 30" Shanks
Shanks 600 lb Point Load, 10" Maximum Working Depth, 9" Trip Height, 30" Underframe Clearance, 1-1/4 x 2" x 30" Shanks
Wing Frame Wheels One 280/70R15 Tires per Wing, 6-Bolt Heavy-Duty Hubs
Gauge Wheels Not Applicable
Points None
Points Double K™ 2" Reversible Cast Chromium Carbide Chisel Point
Points 3" Twisted Shovel Point
Harrows 3-Row Spike Harrow
Harrows 5-Row Spike Harrow
Rear Hitch Standard Rear Hitch for Use without Harrow Attachment
Rear Hitch Extended Rear Hitch for Use with Harrow Attachment
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 4 - 7 / 6 - 12
Recommended Working Depth (in/cm) 6 - 10 / 15.2 - 25.4
Recommended Tractor Power Range (mph/kW) 7 - 10 PTO Horsepower per foot / 5-8 kW