Kuhn INTERCEPTOR 8050-30

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Excalibur® CT Blade

Two parallel rows of individually mounted 22” x 32-flute Excalibur CT shallow concavity blades are on 9 inch spacing. Each blade arm uses a horizontal and vertical compound angle to maximize soil movement and blade penetration. Four isolator torsion cord mounts cushion the assembly during operation. Excalibur CT blades use a 6-bolt mounting pattern for each maintenance-free bearing hub.

Center-Mounted Tines

Center-mounted tines force cut soil and residue created by the front blades downward during high speed tillage. Tines remain in contact with the cut soil and residue, resulting in a more uniform distribution of material prior to contact with the rear blades and 24/7® soil conditioning reel.

Star Wheel™ Treaders

Exclusive to KUHN Krause, rotary Star Wheel treaders aggressively mix soil and residue, pulverize large clods, remove soil from disturbed root balls and anchor residue into the soil surface. This action protects residue from blowing winds or washing rains, and begins the decomposition of residue into valuable organic matter.

This critical component also assists in providing an even, worked surface for planter row units to place seeds consistently in the seed zone. Star Wheel™ gangs are spring cushioned to contour over varying field conditions, provide a consistent finish, and evenly distribute residue across the soil surface.

 24/7® Soil Conditioning Reel

The proven heavy-duty 24/7® soil conditioning reel delivers clod sizing and firming. Available with heavy-duty flat blades for maximum clod sizing in hard soil conditions or heavy-duty round bars for increased soil firming in loamy soil conditions, this effective component produces a superior finish in any field.

The 24/7 reel also has the ability to ‘float’ with a simple in-field adjustment, allowing continued operation in wetter soil moisture conditions.

 Maintenance-free Bearings

Decreased daily maintenance and increased operator productivity

No daily grease maintenance required for the NSK Agri Hub bearings used for the Excalibur® CT blades, Peer® TillXtreme™ maintenance-free bearings incorporated into Star Wheel™ treaders and 24/7® conditioning reels or the spherical pivot bearing in each walking beam weldment.

 Additional Features

 Clevis Options – Interceptor™ 8050 models are equipped with a CAT IV power pin articulating ball cast clevis.

Guardian Hitch – This exclusive option for 8050-30 guards against stress on the implement tongue weldment and frame.

Constant Flow, Hydraulic Wing Down Pressure – Standard on all Interceptor® 8050 models, this feature can add up to 500 pounds of downforce per wing via the wing fold cylinders. This feature also contributes to an even depth of cut and positive residue cutting action across the full width of the Interceptor 8050, especially at a shallower depth of operation.

Star WheelTM Hydraulics – Constant flow, hydraulic down pressure on the Star Wheel treader allows the attachment to maintain even working pressure across a varying field surface, resulting in a consistent, uniform finish.

Tires and Walking Beams – The 8050-20 and 8050-25 use 340/60 R16.5 metrics on the center frame with 280/70 R15 metrics on wing. The 8050-30 features 380/60 x 16.5 metrics on the center section and 280/70 R15 metrics on each wing. All Interceptor 8050’s feature walking beam wheel transport and wing assemblies.


Model 8050-30
Transport Width (ft/m) 16'5" / 5.0
Transport Height (ft/m) 14'1" / 4.3
Number of Blades 78
Cut Width (ft/m) 30' / 9.1
Working Width (ft/m) 29' / 8.8
Blade Spacing (in/cm) 9 / 22.9
Approximate Weight (lb/kg) 25,200 / 11 431
Hitch Type CAT IV, Articulating Ball Cast Hitch, 2" Pin Hole
Tongue Type Adjustable Level-Lift Tongue
Standard Leveling Mechanical Fore-Aft Leveling
Hydraulics All Cylinders with Royal Plate Plus®, Color Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, All Hydraulic Hoses
Wing Fold Cylinders (4) 4 x 40 Cylinders
Lift Cylinders Rephasing, 12" Stroke Cylinders
Depth Control Single-Point Hydraulic
Excalibur® CT Blades 22", 5 mm, 32-Flute Shallow Concavity
Bearing Arms Compound Angle with Isolator Torsion Cord Individual Mount
Blade Hub Bearing Maintenance Free, Double Angular Contact Bearing, 6-Bolt Hub for Blade
Center Frame HD Tine Bar Single Row Adjustable Angle Tine Bar with 5/8" x 30" Tines on 12" Spacing
Center Section Wheels Four 380/60 R16.5 Tires, Walking Beams with Slip-In Spindles, Maintenance-Free Spherical Pivot Bearings, 8-Bolt Heavy Duty Hubs
Wing Section Wheels Two 280/70 R15 Metric Tires per Wing, Walking Beams with Slip-In Spindles, Maintenance-Free Spherical Pivot Bearings, 6-Bolt Heavy-Duty Hubs
Wing Gauge Wheels One Adjustable, Front Mounted, Pivoting Gauge Wheel Per Wing, 240/80 R15 Tire
Attachment Star Wheel™ Gangs Mounted on 6 degree Angles with Hydraulic Constant Flow 24/7® Heavy-Duty Round Rod Reel Featuring PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Tongue Type Guardian Hitch™ (Cushion Tongue) with Mechanical Fore / Aft Adjustment, Level-Lift Tongue
Attachment Star Wheel™ Gangs Mounted on 6 degree Angles with Hydraulic Constant Flow 24/7® Heavy-Duty Flat Bar Reel Featuring PEER® TILLXTREME™ Maintenance-Free Bearings
Attachment HD 24/7® 3 Row Tine, 5/8" x 30" tines, 12" spacing, Adjustable Tine Bar Angles, 14" Spacing Between Tine Bar Rows
Attachment Dual HD 24/7® Round Rod Reel with Hydraulics
Attachment Dual HD 24/7® Flat Bar Reel with Hydraulics
Attachment Combination HD 24/7® Round Reel and Flat Bar Reel with Hydraulics
Rear Hitch Rear Hitch with Attachment
  Rear Hitch without Attachment
Recommended Speed of Operation (mph/km/h) 8 - 10 / 12 - 16
  Rocky Conditions: 6 - 8 / 9 - 13
Recommended Maximum Working Depth (in/cm) 5/13
Recommended Tractor Power Range (PTO hp / kW) 13 to 17 PTO Horsepower Per Foot