Kuhn 7300-18NR

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The Strength is in the Gang

Gang Design & Residue Razor™ Disc Blades

7300 tandem disc harrows feature 22” diameter blades with 17-degree front and rear gang angles. The 17-degree gang angles give this machine unmatched performance for residue sizing, soil mixing, herbicide incorporation and field finish while reducing draft and compaction. Rear gangs feature tapered blades to provide a level pass-to-pass finish. Bolt-on extension spool and furrow filler blades are standard equipment on 7300 discs, so inadvertently hitting an obstacle doesn’t damage the entire gang.

All KUHN Krause tandem disc harrows feature Residue Razor disc blades that are engineered with a unique Boron steel optimizing strength to withstand stress, fractures, and to provide flexibility in rock conditions. Residue Razor discs have an exceptionally sharp edge, five times sharper than conventional blades.


KUHN Krause heavy-cast spools multiply the strength of the disc gang. Spools are line-bored for an exact fit on the tie rod and precision faced to perfectly match the blade surface. A larger bell on the concave end and a smaller bell on the convex end provide an overlap fit against the blades, supporting the blade more positively without creating a stress line.

Rigid Scrapers

KUHN Krause rigid scrapers are heat treated and hot formed from the same high carbon steel we use in our disc blades. The result is an extremely strong and efficient scraper that resists wear.

Bearing Arms

•Rigid Bearing Arm: Rigid bearing arms provide a cost-effective solution in non-rocky conditions offering consistent depth with limited lateral movement. Rigid bearing arms feature flange-style SuperSeal bearings.
•Rock-Flex Bearing Arm: Rock-flex bearing arms provide protection from rocky or hard soil conditions. Rock-flex bearing arms feature SuperSeal bearings.

Depth Control

Single Location Remote Depth Control

A single-point, crank-style depth control is located on the left-hand side of the machine providing easy access for the operator. Depth adjustment can be fine-tuned for variable soil conditions. The depth indicator is located on top of the tube for easy viewing.

Wing Wheels

Wing wheels feature a forward action rotating close to the front gangs for precise depth control and reduced gouging in terraced or rolling conditions. This KUHN Krause design advantage limits the need for optional front gauge wheels.

Walking Tandem Wheels

Walking tandem wheels allow for consistent working depth on rough ground and more stable road transport.

Wide or Narrow Spacing

Choose wide or narrow spacing to better match the needs of your operation.
•Wide Spacing: Wide, 9 1/8”, spacing offers more aggressive residue mixing and leaves a course finish to resist wind erosion and aid in the drying of soil.
•Narrow Spacing: Narrow, 7 3/4”, spacing offers more aggressive residue cutting and leaves a smooth seedbed, ready to plant.


Model 7300-18NR
Transport Width (ft/m) 10'11" / 3.3
Transport Height (ft/m) 10'2" /3.1
Frame Type 3-Section
Number of Disc Blades 58
Number of Bearing Arms 16
Approximate Working Width (ft/m) 18'2" / 5.5
Approximate Weight (lb /kg) 8,447 / 3 847
Disc Blade Spacing (in/cm) 7-3/4  /  19.7
Disc Gang Angle 17 Degrees Front and Rear
Hitch Type Combination 1-1/2 Pin Hole
Leveling Fore/Aft Turnbuckle Adjustable, Level-Lift Hitch with Mechanical Leveling
Hydraulics Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, Royal Plate Plus® Cylinder Rods
Depth Control Single-Point Hydraulic Depth Control
Disc Gangs 1-3/4" Round Diameter Alloy Tie Rod, 6" Ductile Iron Spools, Rigid Bearing Arms, Regreaseable SuperSeal Bearings
Disc Blades 22" x 6 ga Residue Razor™ Solid Edge
Taper Blades Front 22" - 20", Rear 20" - 18" - 16", Bolt-on Furrow Filler
Disc Scrapers Adjustable 3-1/2" Rigid Scrapers
Center Section Tires Four 11" x 15" 12-ply, Duals, 6-Bolt Heavy-Duty Hubs
Wing Section Tires One 11L x 15" 8-ply Single, 6-Bolt Heavy Duty Hubs
Transport Locks and Safety Hydraulic Valve Wing-Fold and Transport Lock, Slow Moving Sign, LED Lighting
Leveling Hydraulic Fore/Aft Leveling
Rear Jack Mount Jack Extension Weldment
Disc Blades 22" x 1/4" Residue Razor™ Solid Edge
Rear Hitch Rear Hitch, 10,000 #  horizontal and 1000 #  vertical load
Finishing Attachments 3-Bar Harrow, 16" Coil-Tine
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 5 - 7 / 8 - 11
Recommended Maximum Working Depth (in/cm) 5 / 12.7
Recommended Tractor Power Range (PTO hp / kW) 6 to 9 PTO HP per Foot