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Traction Bolt
A clean break of the traction bolt, following a force of 5,280 – 8,820 pounds at the plow point, avoids the risk of nuisance shearing. The traction bolt system is economical safety system that avoids the wear associated with shear bolt systems.

Headstock and Frame
For added reliability, the structure is made using a large, machine-welded frame measuring approximately 7” x 7”.

Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) Reset
When a field obstacle is met, a rapid breakaway of the plow leg occurs. Once the obstacle is passed there is an increase in pressure, bringing the bottom quickly and firmly back into working position. The system also acts as a shock absorber in rocky ground, increasing plow life.

Triplex Steel
Moldboards are made of unequal layer, heat-treated Triplex steel that have an increased working life up to 40% over standard steel and a hard wearing surface over 1/8” thick.

H4 Moldboard
The H4, helicoidal, Scandinavian-type moldboard provides well-formed plowing to a normal depth range of 7-12”. The share is fitted with a reversible/replaceable point that greatly increases the life of the share. Recommended for fall plowing, the H4 moldboard is especially suited for heavy and damp clays. Furrow passes are well defined and trash burial is excellent.

N Moldboard
The helico-cylindrical N moldboard plows to a depth of 14”. Designed to be highly versatile, it is cylindrical at front, helicoidal at rear. A low draft ensures a partly broken furrow with excellent trash burial. Recommended for spring plowing, this moldboard is versatile and works well in sandy or clay soils.

Reversible for maximum efficiency. More pronounced form at wearing zones on the point for longer life and better protection of the landside. Point is self-sharpening for good ground penetration of at all times.

On-Land Offset
On-land offset is available to enhance productivity. The soil sometimes requires wide or dual tires that cannot be used for in-furrow plowing. If the tractor is setup for other applications that require duals or wide tires, if equipped with the on-land kit it is no longer necessary to dismount the wheels in order to use the tractor for plowing.

Hydraulic Valves
Hydraulic sequencing comes standard meaning fewer valves to operate during headland turns. Ease of use is always important when handling large machinery. With this system, there are fewer hydraulic valves to operate on headlands. Hydraulic sequencing also allows for automatic folding of the offset when the plow is being lifted.

Each skimmer is independent of another and firmly held in a sheath-like support. The skimmers are shear bolt protected and are adjustable in three directions.
1. Forward and backward-with a choice of three positions, the sheath bolts to the leg support via countersunk holes to avoid any risk of free play.

2. Up and down-rapid and precise height adjustments (8” of adjustment) with countersunk holes in the skimmer leg for easy locking of the leg for the desired height.

3. Side to side-for correct adjustment in relation to the disc coulter (where fitted).

Depth and Transport Wheels
The 20” steel or 24” rubber wheel follows any change of plowing widths and features simple depth adjustment by screw adjuster, with the possibility of setting left and right sides differently. It can be placed in many locations on the frame to ensure optimum positioning for all conditions.



Model Vari-Leader 7
Number of bottoms per side 7
Extendable by one bottom Yes
Standard moldboards H4 long helicodial
Hydraulic rollover with 2 cylinders Standard
Maximum tractor power 330 hp (246 kW)
Approximate machine weight for NSH version 9,402 lbs (4,265 kg)
Working width 14" to 22" (36 to 56 cm) hydraulically adjustable
Underbeam clearance 31.5" (80 cm)
Point to point clearance 40" (102 cm)
Hydraulic beam folding Standard with memory cylinder
Hitch Quick hitch compatible headstock with Cat. 3 pins
Offset and angling adjustment Standard hydraulic offset and angling adjustment
Minimum hydraulic flow and pressure for rollover 8 gpm at 2610 psi
Maximum hydraulic flow and pressure for rollover 13 gpm at 3910 psi
Side transport and depth wheel 1,000 x 500 standard