Kuhn Vari-Master 123 5(4E+1)

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Triplex Steel

Moldboards are made of unequal layer, heat-treated Triplex steel that have an increased working life up to 40% over standard steel and a hard wearing surface over 1/8” thick.

One-Piece Main Link

Designed for strength and long life, the main link is assembled with either bronze or steel bushings, depending on the model of plow.

Main Beam

The main beam is supported by a side-mounted, triangular reinforcement welded along the length of the front section. This strengthens the beam in this high-stress area and gives substantial advantages when compared to a conventional plow design.

Multiple Moldboard Options

  1. H4 Moldboard: The H4, helicoidal, Scandinavian-type moldboard provides well-formed plowing to a normal depth range of 7-12”. The share is fitted with a reversible/replaceable point that greatly increases the life of the share. Recommended for fall plowing, the H4 moldboard is especially suited for heavy and damp clays. Furrow passes are well defined and trash burial is excellent.
  2. N Moldboard: The helico-cylindrical N moldboard plows to a depth of 14”. Designed to be highly versatile, it is cylindrical at front, helicoidal at rear. A low draft ensures a partly broken furrow with excellent trash burial. Recommended for spring plowing, this moldboard is versatile and works well in sandy or clay soils.
  3. VP Slatted Moldboard: The VP slatted moldboard composed of independent and interchangeable slats. Reduces pulling power, due to a lower moldboard surface area. Designed for use in extremely sticky muck and clay soils. Not for use in sand or loam soils or in soils with rocks or stones. The multiple slats allow individual replacement from wear.

Moldboard Point Options

  1. Olympic®: Reversible for maximum efficiency. More pronounced shape at wearing zones on the point for longer life and better protection of the landside. Point is self-sharpening for good ground penetration at all times.
  2. Marathon®: Reversible for maximum efficiency and features a step resulting in better landside protection.
  3. Super Marathon®: Fitted with a tungsten carbide tip. High wear resistance with four to five times the life of a traditional share point. A sharp working edge is maintained for excellent ground penetration. Excellent for highly abrasive soils without rocks or stones.

Plow Leg Protection

  1. Traction Bolt: A clean break of the traction bolt, following a force of 5,280 – 8,820 pounds at the plow point, avoids the risk of nuisance shearing. The bolt runs with the line of force and is pulled apart – unlike shear bolts which are cut The bolt support never deforms or becomes rounded Once the bolt breaks, it simply falls away for quick and easy replacement After years of use the plow bottoms remain perfectly inline.
  2. Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) Reset: When a field obstacle is met, a rapid breakaway of the plow leg occurs. Once the obstacle is passes there is an increase in pressure, bringing the bottom quickly and firmly back into working position. The system also acts as a shock absorber in rocky ground, increasing plow life.
  3. Heavy-Duty Plow Leg Articulation and Tie Rod: All force is transmitted in a straight line through a one-piece forged and heat treated tie rod.

Easy to Adjust Skimmers

Each skimmer is totally independent left from right and is firmly held in a sheath-like support. The skimmers are shear bolt protected and are adjustable in three directions:
  1. Forwards and backwards – with a choice of three positions, the sheath bolts to the leg support via countersunk holes to avoid any risk of free play.
  2. Up and down – rapid and precise height adjustment (7 ½” of adjustment) also with countersunk holes in the skimmer leg for easy locking of the leg at the desired height.
  3. Side to side – for correct adjustment in relation to disc coulter (where fitted). 

Front Furrow Width/Angling Adjustment

The front furrow width is adjusted to its optimum setting according to the tractor linkages and ground conditions. Because of the parallelogram of the two linkages, any adjustment in front furrow width automatically adjusts the angling of the plow, allowing the tractor to always pull in perfect line. Adjustments are quickly carried out by simply adjusting the turnbuckle or by activating the hydraulic cylinder.

High Floating Depth Wheel with Shock Absorber

The shock absorber removes the shock of the wheel falling during rollover and also ensures the wheel is in the correct rearward inclined position as the plow is lowered back into work.

Transport Wheel with Suspension

The plow can be transported on the road in complete safety thanks to a transport wheel, equipped with its own suspension system to protect the plow and tractor from transport shocks. The wheel can be swung into transport position in a single movement by pulling the locking pin.


Model Vari-Master 123 5(4E+1)
Number of bottoms per side 5
Extendable by one bottom No
Standard moldboards H4 long helicoidal
Hydraulic rollover with 1 cylinder Standard
Maximum tractor power 175 hp (129 kW)
Approximate machine weight for NSH version 4,144 lbs (1,880 kg)
Working width 12" to 18" (30 to 45 cm) hydraulically adjustable
Underbeam clearance 29.5" (75 cm)
Point to point clearance 35" (90 cm)
Offset and angling adjustment Turnbuckle or optional hydraulic cylinder
Hitch Cat. 2 swift hitch system
Hydraulic beam folding Standard with memory cylinder
Adjustable depth wheel with tire 600 x 210 mm standard
Transport wheel Optional