Kuhn MDS 12.1 M

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Smooth, Consistent Performance

Multi-Disc System (MDS)

The MDS spreading discs provide consistent performance during standard spreading, late top spreading, as well as yield optimized spreading at field boarders. For your comfort, all this is possible at set working widths without removing, or changing the discs or paddles.

The MDS provides high application rate accuracy as well as exact spreading patterns for different fertilizers, and common crop and forage seeds. Depending on the type of material and the working width, the length and orientation of the paddles can be adjusted precisely with the tool provided. Thanks to their well-marked, three-dimensional position indicator, you can set the paddles quickly and easily.

M1 discs are included as standard, for working widths from 33’ – 59’. The installation of optional X paddles allows a working width of 60’ – 80’ in many products, without diminishing the spreading quality. X paddles supplied as standard with MDS 19.1, along with M1 Discs.

Slow-Rotating Agitator

A slowly rotating agitator (only 180 rpm) provides a regular flow of fertilizer to the spreading discs without damaging the granules and without clogging the outlets. The longevity of the components is ensured with the 100% stainless steel hopper bottom, agitator shaft and outlets. Specialty agitators are available for powdery products or grass seed.

The Double-Overlap Method

The double-overlap method doubles your protection against over or underapplying product by taking advantage of the natural spread pattern created by KUHN twin-disc fertilizer spreaders. The triangular spread pattern provides consistent distribution, which reduces the impact of driving error or improper adjustments. Utilizing this method, KUHN spreaders provide high-accuracy spreading.

Accurate Application Rate Control

DFC Scale

Nothing could be simpler than changing the application rate from one field or product to another. It’s easily done by positioning an opening stop on the continuous proportional direct flow control (DFC) scale. With this, you can modify the application rate without any extra equipment. The principle is quite simple: The opening position is modified by the same percentage as the application rate. This means, for example, that you increase the opening by 10% for a 10% higher application rate.

Application Outlet Control Versions

Version M (Manual)

Manual opening of the outlets with levers. An optional hydraulic control allows the operator to open both outlets at the same time, in-cab. Individual side outlet control is only available on D2 versions. Available on MDS 10.1, 12.1, 17.1, 19.1 models.

Version D2 (Hydraulic)

Individual left/right hydraulic opening controlled via two hydraulic valves. Available on MDS 12.1 and 19.1

Built To Last

Reinforced Oil-Bath Gearbox

A reinforced oil-bath gearbox drives the spreading discs and agitator. The sturdy heart of the machine stands out with its long service life in difficult conditions. The agitator shaft is made of heat-treated stainless steel. This gearbox is designed for 10-year oil service intervals!

High-Quality Finish

Shielding made of composite materials covers the spreading discs and efficiently protects the painted areas of the frame and the hopper. All painted surfaces are shot blasted; nanotech surface treatment is applied and then the machines are powder coated with ultra-high-quality powder.


Model MDS 10.1 M
Working width 32'10" - 59'1" (10 - 18 m)
Maximum hopper payload 17.5 ft³ (495 L)
Maximum hopper payload 1,760 lbs (798 kg)
Filling height 36'' (91 cm)
Hopper width 42" (107 cm)
Calibration kit - funnel (1407500) Standard
Application rate control Manual via lever
Fertilizer application rate Up to 550 lbs (250 kg) / min
Protection sieve Standard
Spreading discs included in base machine Standard
Hitch 3-point, Cat. 1 & 2
Required tractor hydraulic connections -
Fertilizer identification cards and spread charts Standard
Empty machine net weight, approx. 419 lbs (190 kg)