2000 Platform

An Economical Workhorse on Large Acreages or Small Farms

When you need more capabilities than you get from a small garden tractor but you don’t need all the power or price of a larger model, 2000 platform compact tractors are ideal. Get the horsepower, versatility and compact size you need for a variety of attachment or implement work around your acreage. Choose an open-station model for maximum convenience when needing to frequently get on and off of the tractor – or invest a little more for an enclosed cab model if year-round work is a must.

2000 Platform Models
Choose from five 2000 platform 25-40 hp compact tractors, all offering the strength you need for a variety of projects, plus a compact 64-inch width and tight turning radius for working around buildings and trees. There are two transmission options within this platform, as well as two models that offer a factory-installed heated and air-conditioned cab for year-round productivity.