Bobcat Combination Bucket - 80"

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This four-in-one attachment can be used as a bucket for loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple for handling odd-shaped objects; or for dozing, leveling and spreading material with the clamshell open.

Top Tasks

  • Dozing
  • Grappling
  • Leveling
  • Digging
  • Loading
  • Dumping


  • Replaceable cutting edges: Replace the cutting edges on the rear of the clamshell and dozer (models 62 in. and larger only).
  • Reinforced bucket bottom and clamshell: Improve strength and rigidity
  • Interlocking serrated grapple edges: Hold objects securely – even heavy or oddly-shaped materials
  • Bolt-On corner cutting edges: Protect the corners or your bucket; reversible (models 62 in. and larger only)


Model Combination Bucket - 80"
Operating Weight 1075 lb
Length 38.9 in
Width 81.4 in
Height 33.6 in
Number of Teeth 8 Bolt-on
Operating Weight (w/teeth) 1,142 lb
Operating Weight (w/o teeth) 1,075 lb
ISO Heaped Capacity 18.3 ft³
ISO Struck Capacity 13.5 ft³
Predrilled For Bolt-on Edges or Teeth