Bobcat UTV Spreader

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Maintain driveways, sidewalks and parking lots with the utility vehicle spreader attachment. It’s made to fit perfectly into the cargo box of Bobcat® utility vehicles. A rugged hopper with smooth angled walls maximizes material flow. Double-wall, poly-molded construction means it’s also completely rust-resistant.

Simply load it up with up to 10.6 cubic ft. of granular materials such as sand, salt, or ice melt and go. Independent speed adjustments to the auger and spinner can be made from inside the cab with dash-mounted controls. Control your spreading pattern from 5 to 38 ft.

How It Works

Easily slide the all-poly, rust-resistant hopper into the cargo box of the utility vehicle. For one-person installation, lift the hopper with the included pallet fork slots and the pallet fork attachment. Then, load it up with granular materials. Adjust the auger and spinner from inside the cab to match your conditions and desired spreading pattern. After use, quickly remove the spinner for cleaning and storage.


  • Dash-Mounted Controls: Use the two variable-speed dials for independent adjustment of the auger and spinner.
  • Mesh Screen: Large chunks of sand and salt are filtered through this screen at the top of the hopper for even, consistent flow.
  • Three-Stage Baffle: A baffle covers the auger and allows the operator to adjust the material flow, depending on its granularity.
  • Easily Removable Spinner: A convenient spring-latch locking mechanism allows the spinner assembly to be removed for cleaning and storage.
  • Vibrator: A vibrator reduces bridging of material for a constant and even flow.
  • Double-Wall Poly-Molded Hopper: An ultra-durable design is ideal for ice and snow control. It can be used with salt or salt/sand mixes. The rotationally molded double-wall polymer unibody spreader has smooth, angled walls to maximize material flow. It’s also rust-resistant.
  • Rear Deflector: The extra wide rear adjustable deflector protects the vehicle and allows for complete directional spread control and full or compact spread.
  • Molded Fork Slots: Molded fork slops in the hopper makes it easy for one person to install and remove the spreader


Options and Accessories

•    Spreader Rear Light Kit: Includes taillight assemblies that mount to spreader
•    Side Mirror Kit: Includes two external mirrors and cab mounting hardware


Model UTV Spreader
Operating Weight 200 lb
Length 61 in
Width 51.2 in
Height 35.8 in
Hopper Capactiy 10.6  ft³
Spreading Pattern Min 5 ft
Spreading Pattern Max 38 ft
Speed Control Variable Speed Control Dial