Bobcat UTV Snow V-Blade

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Quickly clear away drifts with the snow V-blade attachment for Bobcat® utility vehicles (UTVs). Its high-carbon steel cutting edge easily takes on the deep snow drifts and heavy snow piles. Multiple blade configurations give you five ways to clear deep drifts and push large piles of snow. These configurations include:

  • V-blade cuts the first pathway through deep, heavy or hard-packed snow
  • Left angle blade moves snow to the left of your UTV
  • Right angle blade moves snow to the right of your UTV
  • Scoop blade collects and holds snow to help you pile snow high
  • Straight blade gives maximum width for piling snow banks and cleaning light snow cover.


Plow with confidence. Independent trip edges reduce the risk of damage to the snow V-blade if it impacts hidden obstructions, such as concrete curbs, manhole covers and uneven sidewalks. Adjustable, dome skid shoes protect the operator and component.

Adjust the blade without stepping into the cold. Intuitive fingertip controls make it easy to configure the V-blade to your tough job from inside the cab.

Top Tasks

  • Clearing deep snow from driveways and footpaths
  • Scooping and piling snow
  • Plowing through deep drifts



  • Independent trip edges: Trip edges reduce the risk of impact damage from hidden obstructions, including raised concrete on sidewalks and manhole covers.
  • Intuitive fingertip joystick controls: Choose from five different blade configurations without leaving the comfort of the cab, allowing for blade positioning on the go.
  • Skid Shoes: Domed, adjustable skid shoes provide operator and component protection.
  • Five Blade Positions: Use it as a V-blade to cut a path through deep snow; as a scoop blade to scoop, push or pile snow; a straight blade to pile large amounts of snow; and as an angle blade to push snow to the left or right.
  • Cutting Edge: High-carbon steel cutting strength delivers maximum snow removal power. The cutting edge is reversible for long wear life. Optional rubber cutting edge available.
  • Flotation Kit: Optional frame flotation kit oscillates blade +/– 10 degrees to improve performance on uneven terrain and follow the contour of the ground independently of the carrier. Applications include snow removal on sloped parking lots, streets, driveways and sidewalk approaches.
  • Multi-Position Frame: Allows blade to be raised or lowered to desired working height.


Model UTV Snow V-Blade
Operating Weight 302 lb
Length 20.9 in
Width 67.8 in
Height 23.8 in
Working Width-V-Blade 60.6 in
Working Width-Scoop Blade 54.6 in
Working Width-Straight Blade 67.7 in
Working Width-Angled Blade 58.4 in