Bobcat Boring Unit

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Top Tasks

  • Install electrical, telephone and television cables
  • Install irrigation lines and flexible water pipes for sprinkler systems


How It Works

The loader’s auxiliary hydraulics power a motor that drives a screw-type boring bit through the ground as the machine is driven forward. The ground is compacted to create a tunnel under the driveway or sidewalk.

When the bit reaches the other side, a reaming bit is installed. The loader is backed up and the rotating reaming bit further compacts the soil as it pulls the service through the enlarged tunnel.


  • Boring Depth: Bores up to 2 feet deep and up to 30 feet horizontally.
  • Manual Guide Rod: Starts the bit at the proper angle to ensure accurate drilling. Ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Three Positions: Drive head can be mounted in three positions: on the center, right or left side. Allows the attachment to be positioned directly next to obstacles and placed exactly where boring operation is desired.
  • Versatility: Available with various sizes of bits, reamers and rock heads, allowing for maximum versatility and performance in a variety of environments.


Model Boring Unit
Operating Weight
130 lb
26.8 in
36 in
17.5 in
Maximum recommended boring distance
30 ft