Bobcat Angle Broom - 70"

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Top Tasks

  • Clear away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris
  • Effective on driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, warehouses and more
  • Dethatch lawns for new growth or reseeding


How It Works

The angle broom attachment uses a PTO-driven, rotating broom that sweeps dirt, snow and other debris away from the machine. The angle broom will continuously sweep debris ahead of the UTV or angle the broom to windrow material to the side.


  • Floating Broom Head: Broom head follows surface terrain to ensure the bristles sweep away debris even on sloping pavement such as curbs.
  • Centering Linkage System: Allows the operator to sweep debris away from buildings without increasing the gap between the head and the building while angling.
  • Chainless drive: Eliminate maintenance like greasing the chain or making tension adjustments.
  • Crank Stand Adjustable Wheels: Eliminates bristle distortion during storage. Easily set and maintain the sweep height to reduce excessive bristle down pressure. Lower wheels to dethatch lawns.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quickly and easily replace bristles without removing chains, sprockets or the broom core. Removable end plates provide quick access to change the bristles.
  • Hydraulic 25 Degree Angle: Move debris exactly where you want it using the joystick on your UTV. Finish the job quickly and efficiently without having to leave the comfort of your seat.
  • Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) System: Makes easy work of attaching and detaching the angle broom from the utility vehicle. Fast and easy mounting means spending less time on attachment changes and more time on the job.
  • Replaceable Bristles: Convoluted polypropylene 24 in. bristles provide excellent life and cleaning ability. Bristles have excellent durability and the spacer-free design provides fast flick action for superior cleaning.


Model Angle Broom - 70"
Operating Weight 471 lb
Length 44.8 in
Width 73.9 in
Height 28.4 in
Bristle Material Poly
Broom Angling 25 Degrees (Hydraulic)
Broom Bristle Diameter 24 in
Drive System Gearbox
Oscillation 10 Degrees
Sweep Width (Fully angled) 65.5 in
Sweep Width (Straight) 70 in
Number of Bristle Sections - Zig Zag 32
Sweep Width (Fully angled) @ 25°
Number of Bristle Sections 36