9000 Series Planters

The 9000 Series

Seed Meter
The entry of seed at the lowest area of the seed sump allows gravity to assist in seed pickup and provides greater surface area to pick up seed, producing superior seed singling. The long tapered entry to the air cut off brush gently lays the seed down for a consistent retention of the seed in each seed cell.

Row Unit
The large double disc seed trench openers (16-inch) allow for deeper seed placement. A cast row unit assembly  removes the flex/tolerances versus welded construction, providing strength and precise, consistent alignment of all components.

Seed Depth Adjustment and Indicator
The depth adjustment handle provides adjustment and visual indication of planting depth along all row units from .25 to 4.5 inches in .25-inch increments. Each notch aligned left and right changes the depth .5-inch. Walking the handle one notch at a time, side to side, increases the depth .25-inch. Seed depth placement numbers are molded into the casting, providing a convenient visual indicator of the depth of seed placement (in inches) for each row unit. 

Depth Gauge Wheel Adjusting Link
The gauge wheel depth adjustment mechanism contains a threaded bolt for the calibration of the seed planting depth as the seed trench disc openers wear and the diameter is reduced. The patented calibration system provides  confidence the depth indicator is accurate through the entire depth range. Increased yields are experienced as the walking beam gauge wheels equalize the depth of the planted seed between the soil height on the left and right gauge wheel.