4700 Series

A rugged machine for challenging soil and residue conditions WORKING WIDTHS FROM 12'5" TO 30'

The Sunflower 4700 Series provides deep tillage for primary tillage needs.

  • These versatile rippers are built on a solid frame with heavy-duty shanks designed to penetrate heavily compacted soils. When equipped with the optional coulter blades, the shanks easily slice through tough crop residue to maximize crop yield potential.
  • Can be customized with minimum-disturbance shanks to shatter soil compaction, while leaving the surface residue virtually undisturbed, or with parabolic shanks to eliminate compaction while inverting the soil stratum.
  • Finally, the in-line coulter rippers can be transformed into a slot-till tool by selecting the row-sealer and bed-buster options.
  • Other features include:
    – 5-, 7-, and 8-shank models
    – Heavy 4-foot x 6-foot x 3/8-inch frame
    – Three-point hitch