Sunflower 6830NT

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The Sunflower 6830NT Rotary Finisher is a high-speed, narrow transport (NT) tillage tool specifically designed to provide producers the high-speed, high-residue flow capabilities unattainable with traditional shank-equipped finishers and cultivators.

Available in two models, the SF6830NT Series transports at the exceptionally narrow roading width of 9-feet, 10-inches road width, making road transport more convenient and less stressful. The heavy-duty design is completely void of sweeps, combining four types of rolling ground-engaging tools into a three-step process. It produces a smooth level seedbed not always obtained by today’s vertical tillage tools; a new concept in seedbed preparation.

With the Sunflower 6830NT Rotary Finisher you can complete multiple tillage tasks and build a perfect seedbed in one efficient pass.


Model 6830-18NT 6830-21NT
True Cutting Width ft (m) 17' 8" (5.39) 21 5" (6.53)
Transport width ft (m) 9 '10" (3) 9 '10" (3)
Transport height ft (m) 10' 7" (3.22) 12' 5" (3.79)
Weight Est lbs (kg) N/A 17,960 (8265.36)