Gleaner S68

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Perforated Cascade Pan

As crop dynamics have changed, farmers are harvesting more acres of higher-moisture, higher-yield corn and other high-density crops. The 2015 Gleaner S8 Series combine has increased shoe capacity by opening up the cascade pan, resulting in an entirely pneumatic shoe area with a 12.8% increase in measurable shoe area.

DuraGuard™ Two-Speed Rotor Gearbox

All S8 Series models feature a heavy-duty DuraGuard™ two-speed rotor gearbox with larger sheave, bearings, and belt built for the higher demands of the S88 machine. It features a wide overlap on rotor speeds and lets operators run on the high side of the low range in many crop conditions for maximum efficiency.

XR™ Two-Speed Hydro Transmission

All S8 Series models feature an optional XR™ two-speed hydro feature that provides greater climbing ability on hills and the convenience of on-the-go shifts. The two-speed on-the-go shift is operated by a convenient push button from the right hand console (low position provides 30% more torque, high position provides 30% faster ground speed).

FieldStar® II

Gleaner S8 Super Series combines come standard with integrated FieldStar® II yield-monitoring systems. FieldStar II uses yield and moisture sensors, global positioning and the Advanced Technology Solutions C2100 to track yield data.

Auto-Guide™ 3000

Gleaner offers the optional Auto-Guide 3000 guidance system, featuring a 72-channel navigation satellite receiver and a TopDock (with snap-in modules for upgrades) that comes from the factory set up for WAAS and OmniStar VBS signal. The system integrates Auto-Guide 3000 control into the C2100 terminal and eliminates the need for a separate screen in the cab.

Ag Leader® Ready Option

Gleaner offers an Ag Leader ready option that includes all wiring harnesses, Ag Leader yield sensor in the elevator head and the elevator mount kit, moisture sensor, speed module, terminal connection into the cab and everything you need to incorporate the Ag Leader displays into your Gleaner S8 combine.



Model S68
Max Boost hp (kW) 398 (296.7)
SAE Rated hp (kW) 322 (240.1)
Engine AGCO POWER™ 8.4L Twin-Turbo, 6-Cylinder
Transmission 4-Speed w/Single Speed Hydrostatic
Grain Bin Capacity bu (L) 390 (13,743)
Unload rate bu/sec (L/s) 4.0 (141)
Base Machine Weight with Tires lb (kg) 31,920 (14,479)