Gleaner introduced the first self-propelled combine harvester in 1923 and has spent the generation since reinventing it. Over nine decades, Gleaner has pioneered technology and design that has shaped the world of modern harvesting.

Today, Gleaner combines take harvesting to a whole new level by driving more horsepower to where it counts and using a one-of-a-kind design to deliver clear grain and less loss.

  • Product of the Year from Agri Marketing Magazine
  • Product of the Year from Farm Industry News
  • AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
  • FinOvation Award from Farm Industry News


White Planter - When you know how important accuracy is, you choose the unrivaled precision of White Planters. After all, yield is money and accuracy affect yield.

White Planters’ unique positive air system, seed tube design, calibration system and low-/no-wear parts give farmers the ability to achieve and maintain remarkably consistent planting accuracy. And they can be used for conventional planting, conservation planting or both.

Acre after acre after acre. Plant it perfectly with White Planters.


There is only one original. There is only one Sunflower.

The "originator of flexible tillage tools," Sunflower has always been a true pioneer of flexible plows, chisel plows, offset discs and so many other tools designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

Farmers throughout the world recognize Sunflower as a leading producer of top-quality primary tillage tools, soil conditioners, land finishers, chisels, field cultivators, disc harrows, grain carts and more.

If the question is how to drastically improve your seeding and tillage, the answer is Sunflower. See for yourself; there truly is a Sunflower tool for every soil type and cropping program.