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Since 1967, KanEquip's mission is to be a leader and trusted partner in providing quality products, support, and innovative solutions to agricultural producers in the Midwest. 

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  • Planter Day Special

    Byron and Tim out of our Garden City Store have a message to share regarding their Planter Day Special. Give them a call or stop in if you have any questions. #kanequip #planterdayspecial #kanequiptoday

  • Merry Christmas from Garden City

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Garden City, KanEquip

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas- the KanEquip Edition

    KanEquip would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We created a fun spin off the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas, so we hope you enjoy! Lyrics: On the twelfth day of Christmas my KanEquip sent to me- 12 Magnums Moving 11 Planters Rising 10 Balers Beeping 9 0 Percent Financing 8 Co-ops a-billing 7 Swathers Swathing 6 Chainsaws Trimming 5 O-rings 4 Payments Deferred 3 Handy Men 2 Leather Gloves and An Ag tech degree

  • Happy Holidays from KanEquip

    KanEquip would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season.

  • Hard to find parts

    Hard to find parts - KanEquip can help!

  • KanEquip Missions and Values

    KanEquip is an agricultural implement dealer servicing Kansas and Nebraska since 1967. We strive to be the leader and trusted partner in providing quality products, support, and innovative solutions to agricultural producers in the Midwest. If you are interested in joining the KanEquip Family, go to www.kanequip.com/company-profile/employment/

  • KanEquip Agricultural Technician Internship

    KanEquip has been an agricultural implement dealer since 1967, and it all comes down to the hard work and dedication of our employees. Each year, KanEquip offers internship and sponsorship opportunities to anyone interested in going to a certified college and joining our team. Find out what we can offer you, at www.kanequip.com/company-profile/employment/

  • Safe Harvest 2019 KanEquip

    KanEquip wishes all our Farmers a safe and prosperous fall harvest

  • 30 Years at KanEquip!

    Jeff Hoffman has been a salesman at KanEquip for the past 30 years! Starting in 1989 at the Wamego store, and still hold the title of Top Salesman. He was born in Sabetha Kansas and moved to Tonganoxie Kansas, where he graduated from school and started his career. He is married and has two kids, a girl and a boy. He loves watching football and spending time with his family. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work Jeff!

  • KanEquip- Precision Farming

    #KanEquip and Modern Ag Inc were demostrating the precision planting high speed planters to customers in Central Arkansas today. As the new Precision Planter Dealer in Kansas, KanEquip and Modern Ag Inc are in the fields getting familiar with the products, so we can continue to be the leaders in Precision Planting Hardware. Visit your local KanEquip, across 14 locations in Kansas and Nebraska for further inquiries. #KanEquipCanEquipYou

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