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  • AFS Harvest Command Combine Automation Extended Version

    AFS Harvest Command™ uses four modes of automation to help you harvest at peak efficiency. Simply choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. Then set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits and AFS Harvest Command takes over from there. To learn more, visit

  • Automatically Optimize Combine Settings with AFS Harvest Command

    ​AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation — available on the new Axial-Flow® 250 series combines — utilizes 16 sensors to automatically adjust seven combine settings to match your harvesting goals. You choose the level of automation from four different strategies, and AFS Harvest Command optimizes your output as crop conditions change. This advanced technology allows even the inexperienced operator to achieve the productivity of an expert. ​ Explore AFS Harvest Command here:

  • Find The Right Red Tractor

    For all the chores around the farm and in the field, Case IH has just the tractor you need. In five simple steps, the Right Red Tractor tool can help you select the one that best matches your needs. Try it out here:

  • See How AFS Harvest Command Minimizes Operator Error

    In Kit Carson County, Colorado, Mr. McCaffery shares his thoughts on the new 8250 Axial-Flow® combine. With the new AFS Harvest Command combine automation system, he can maximize ground speed and minimize operator error. Learn more at

  • Producers Say Combine Automation Makes Harvesting Easier

    West of Goodland, Kansas, Tristan Thomas experiences first-hand the all-new AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system on the 8250 Axial-Flow® combine. Learn more about maximizing efficiency and feedrate control at

  • First Impression: AFS Harvest Command Combine Automation Simplifies Harvesting

    In Jasper, Missouri, Mr. Ken Kane cuts the last of his wheat crop with the new 8250 Axial-Flow® combine featuring AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system. See his first reactions to the combine automation system. Learn more at

  • First Impression: The 8250 Axial-Flow Combine is a "Pretty Impressive Machine"

    From ease of operation to the quality sample in the tank, Mr. Ball is impressed by his first experience with the new 8250 Axial-Flow® combine in Barton County, Kansas. Learn more about the 50 series combine and new AFS Harvest Command automation system at

  • Bale More Acres Faster With Case IH RB5 Series Round Balers

    Case IH RB5 series round balers offer superior bale shape and density to put up high-quality hay. Simple maintenance provides ease and efficiency, while multiple configuration options ensure a perfect fit for your operation. Visit to learn more.

  • Case IH Disc Mower Conditioners: Maximize Your Haying Windows

    Case IH disc mower conditioners deliver rugged durability at high speeds. Patented models provide reliability and performance, and combined cutting and high-quality conditioning systems result in higher feed value. Settings are simple to adjust, and make for an efficient, easy-to-use machine. Visit to learn more.

  • Case IH Maxxum Series Tractors: A Versatile Workhorse For Any Operation

    Case IH Maxxum® series tractors provide the maneuverability and strength needed to get the job done. Maxxum tractors are ideal for both field work and loader work, offering varying levels of horsepower to tackle a variety of chores. Visit to learn more.

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