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  • Introducing the AGCO Agriculture Foundation

    The AGCO Agriculture Foundation aims to develop and advance vital agriculture initiatives around the globe by focusing on these main goals: the prevention and relief of hunger, advancement of quality education, advancement of community development, and improved treatment of farm animals. Learn more:

  • Developing Talent Through STEP Ahead and AGWN – Insights From Laurie Cantu

    Join AGCO's 2018 STEP Ahead award winner Laurie Cantu, Senior Manager, NA Logistics, as she explains the importance of the Manufacturing Institute’s STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead program and AGWN (AGCO Global Women’s Network) in her career. Laurie tells us how STEP is key to the formation of women’s networks within the manufacturing sector and the development of valuable resources in learning best practices. Laurie continues with insights into how AGCO has developed a wonderful culture with its own AGWN to develop talent and future leaders while looking ahead to the 2019 STEP Ahead Awards. For more information on the STEP Ahead 2018 Awards, please visit You can also read more about the STEP Ahead program including information on future submissions by visiting

  • In The Field With AGCO’s Larry Kuster: Beating Soil Compaction - Insights from AGCO Crop Tour 2018

    Learn about yield-robbing soil compaction and how to remedy it with Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for seeding and tillage with AGCO Corp. The Sunflower equipment line from AGCO offers several solutions for breaking up compaction for better soil health and improved yields. See more at

  • Planting Depth and Down Force - Insights from AGCO Crop Tour 2018

    The 2018 AGCO Crop Tour invited growers to 10 U.S. locations to see for themselves how best planting practices--like proper planting depth and the right amount of down force--can boost corn yields. Darren Goebel, AGCO director, global agronomy and farm services, and Matt Bennett, sales lead for Precision Planting, discuss what was learned in the third year of the Crop Tour. See more at

  • Counting Kernels to Estimate Corn Yield - Insights from AGCO Crop Tour 2018

    August or September is a good time to check corn fields to assess potential yield and see what’s been happening during the growing season. Darren Goebel, AGCO director, global agronomy and farm services, shows how to count kernels and ears to estimate corn yield at the 2018 AGCO Crop Tour in Union City, Ohio. See more at

  • AGCO Supports Next Generation of Student Robotic Designers

    ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition, Second Place, Advanced Division, UGA Engineers team. The University of Georgia engineering graduate students designed a robot that deftly navigated a simulated apple-picking environment. The robot picks the red ping-pong balls (representing ripe apples), discards blue ping-pong balls (representing diseased or rotten apples), and leaves the green ping-pong balls (representing unripe apples) alone.

  • AGCO Agribusiness Qualification Program

    Ernest Mwithiga is five months into the AGCO Agribusiness Qualification program and working to solve the world's food security problem. Learn more about his work and the program, and stay tuned for more student updates over the next 4 months!

  • AGCO Launches Fendt IDEAL Combine in North America

    The Fendt IDEAL combine is the first “clean-sheet” design of an axial combine in the industry in 30 years. Available in Class 7, 8, and 9, the combine provides the right capacity for all operations. Learn more: #agcocorp

  • 2017 Annual Report: Update from Chairman, President & CEO Martin Richenhagen

    Innovation is creating vital opportunities for AGCO, our dealers, end-customers and humankind—inspiring our thoughts and actions as we work to feed a growing world: #InnovationFeeds #agcocorp

  • Sunflower's Low-Maintenance Tools - Allow You More Time in the Field

    Less time working a grease gun means more time in the field. Sunflower® delivers on low-maintenance tillage tools. The Setting the Standard video series is brought to you by Sunflower Seeding and Tillage. To learn more about the agronomic and operational benefits of quality Sunflower tillage tools, see #agcocorp

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